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Craft Beer: In and around the Las Vegas Valley

This subreddit includes all the new, releases, parties, and beers for craft beer breweries in the Las Vegas valley.

B2B Casino Heist. Big Con for Diamonds. Level 371. Trying to make $10M today. Currently at $4.9M. Must have mic.

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I'm writing a book about Casinos/Gambling – help me decide on a topic

Hi all! I haven't been much in this sub, but thought I would come here and ask you all a question. I'm a freelance writer for the iGaming industry and as a part of an assignment, I have to write a book. I can write about anything, as long as it's related to gambling or casino.
The natural thing to do, that most other people do, is to write something like an "Ultimate Guide to Win at a Casino" or a blackjack guide or something like that. But, that doesn't interest me at all. I've written hundreds of articles for affiliate sites with crap like that, so I really don't want to write a book about it.
I have come up with two different topics that I think might actually interest people:
1) Some kind of a "behind the scenes at online casinos" book, mainly focused on what casinos don't want players to know. (I used to work at one of the big online casinos, so I know the inner workings of how they operate)
2) How the casino affiliate market works and a bit of an insight into how that niche has become a huge moneymaker and is super competitive.
What do you guys think? Any of these topics interest any of you? Would you want to read a book about something like this or do you have other suggestions for topics I could write about? (Not trying to sell anything here, just looking for ideas, suggestions or advice.)
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Looking for 2 people to help me with 4 mc and bunker sell mission. will payback with casino heist big con diamonds.

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buy big fish casino chips cheap

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Does it matter if Lester says it risky.

I have done the big con casino heist and then silent and sneaky. But now I looked at the big con, and it said that it’s risky. Does that matter?
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My (M52) father (M84) died and we found a lot of cash hidden at his home. My brother (M58) wants to keep it secret but I'm worried what could happen. Seeking legal advice.

My father died last year unexpectedly in a car accident. His will left everything to my brother and I. My parents were middle class and as far as we thought, their only significant assets were their house, some jewelry and antiques. My brother wanted the house and I let him buy my share when the estate was settled. A few months later he was remodeling and discovered a hidden compartment under carpet in Dad's office. Inside there was $238,000 in cash.
We don't know how Dad got the money. He never said anything about it. The bills range in age from the 1970s to the 2010s, and my brother thinks Dad was hoarding cash his whole life. I don't think so, because when my Mom was ill with cancer (she died 10 years ago) they got so deep in debt that they had to borrow $25,000 from me. The only thing I can think of is that he made it gambling. He wasn't a big time casino guy but did enjoy a trip to Vegas every year or two.
My brother wants to split the cash and keep it a secret. He said to just spend it over years in small increments, on things like groceries or clothes. I'm not comfortable with this for several reasons. One because I don't want that much cash laying around, but mostly because I am worried about the repercussions if we get caught. I am also worried about reporting the cash to authorities because I worry the cash may be connected to something illegal.
My Dad lived in North Carolina and so does my brother. I live in Virginia.
I want to know the potential legal consequences of keeping the money without reporting it. Also, is there a possibility the money could be seized in an investigation, and never returned or held for years? My brother thinks that would happen.
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looking for 2 people to help me with 4 mc sell missions, will payback with casino heist big con diamonds.

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Group Sechs disguise

When you do the big con casino heist with the group sechs disguise, why do they let you directly into the vault? I never understood. All i know is that your a chip delivery dude so why do they let you directly in to where they’re cash or gold is? This question is nothing about gameplay, more lore.
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I can't start Casino Heist preperations.

So, here is the problem. I have finished Big Con casino heist and wanted to start a new one. I have done some preps and everything was as it should be. The next day, I start gta online and I start doing preps. I click on the prep I want to do and everything is fine until the character comes out of the arcade. The preperitions music is playing but LESTER never calls.
I have tried loading into other sessions, tried resetting the heist, but nothing seems to work.
If anyone have had a similar problem, could you please share how you fixed it.
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Gta casino heist paintings hard

Big con casino heist 15 percent hard need a good hacker cuz I don't know how to Xbox gt luxblux22
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[GLITCH] Duffel bag, no Dusky job.

Hi everyone,
EDIT: HUSKY jobs, not Dusky, lol.
I found another solution to getting duffel bags, this time from heist preps. It's great if you're regularly grinding and can't be bothered to launch the dusky jobs.
This time, I did it with Vault Drills for the Big Con casino heist. Works both with free-mode missions (see below instructions) or regular ones.
  1. Launch the heist prep, or any other free-mode mission where you have to pick a duffel bag.
  2. Once picked up and while still in the heist prep/mission, go to illuminated clothing and spam it for a few seconds (I guess the earpiece in Gear would work too, but haven't tried).
  3. Complete the free-mode mission/prep normally. Note: you won't see the duffel bag after the heist prep is completed, don't worry.
  4. Now, complete the heist, or I guess just launch it and exit it.
  5. You will spawn in freemode, with the duffel bag you glitched from the prep!
  6. Go the the Vespucci mask store for the classic save method...
I guess this is very similar to the way the Husky jobs work except the Husky jobs are directly closed-lobby missions (unlike the heist preps which are free-mode, explaining why you need to do the closed-lobby heist finale first to see the duffel bag).
I would also imagine they work from any closed-lobby mission, just doing the illuminated clothing stuff. So if you can find a solo closed lobby mission with a duffel bag, that would be a solo glitch. If not you'd need at least 1 ppl to launch the casino heist (2 players min).
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Video link here (recommended):
Step 1) Have big con casino heist available and the setup vault drills incomplete, and also buy the israel parachute from ammu-nation
Step 2) Start the setup, and when you are delivering the 2nd duffel bag parachute onto the drop off
Step 3) It shouldnt let you equip your parachute which means you've done it right, now fly over to the beach
Step 4) It should now let you equip your parachute
Step 5) Make sure you have a flying vehicle available like oppressor or helicopter
Step 6) Parachute off and land on the mask/hat store and spam right on the d-pad, and then save the outfit if you do it correctly (unlimited tries at this part)
Step 7) Switch to the saved outfit and the duffel bag will appear
Step 8) Enjoy
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Casino, Big Con, 25% if we have 4 or 30% if we have 3, clean vehicle and decoy gunners.

Tired of trying to run this with lobby normies. Never finish because they always fuck up or don't do anything or leave mid heist and get us kicked out.
GT is LtShinySides with a lower case L on either end.
Need one more please!
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Resident Evil "battle royal" game idea/suggestion?

Hello everyone ! First post here - I don't know where to post this, so I hope it will be welcomed here.
So I heard about the possibility for a "Battle Royal" themed on R.E. and the few of reactions I witnessed about it were pretty negative - and I could agree as R.E. isn't well known for its PvP content... But I think I have an idea for something that people could enjoy - with originality, re-playability, difficulty and keeping a game close to events happening in the R.E. universe (based on the last "remake" version of the games).
So, let me start: - date & place : 2X september 1998 ; Racoon City - Casino-Hotel Yes, "again Racoon City"; but this time you won't live the last days of the event, but one of the hot-spot at the begining of the outbreak. Umbrella, to test the virus on a bigger scale, tried different methods to spread it in the City. One of them was to infect a good number of patient within the City to release them all at once. The Casino-Hotel, was selected. Opening a good number of events, the building-complex is currently hosting hundreds of people.
The Casino-Hotel: An impressive complex, with several floors of apartments, a great looking casino, a party-room (which is today for a wedding) and an opera-theater. There is also a specific floor for the security & direction of the Hotel; an underground facility & hidden corridors for the maintenance.
- players : 2 to 20-ish? Each player wil incarne a random NPC - like this, no one is supposed to recognize who is a player or not at first glance. Everyone start in their appartment (1 playeroom); equiped with a combat-knife (no durability), on ordinary map of the hotel (no indication of back-doors, restricted areas). But there is still some customisation possible: the dressing allows you to change your clothings to hide better on some areas (tuxedo; tourist outfit; ...).
- objectives : (1) survive the event (duh) - (2) escape by completing one of the multiple-routes. Once the game start, the phone in your room will ring : if you are new / beginer or want informations as a reminder, you will use it. The HUD will show you 3 main faction-quests - you can choose to "select" one (the quest will remain apparent on your HUD) or not. But here's the twist : accepted or not - you can choose to stick with this faction, or to betray it!
The factions: (1) Umbrella's agency - find the spreading devices (2-3 existing on the map); select a way to use it (different possibilities as water-tanks (infect apartments & lodges) & fire sprinkler systems (infect a specific room)); once you get a critical number of infected : rendez-vous at the rooftop for extraction by helicopter (2) RCPD - find clues of Umbrella's terrorist activity; try to catch the devices or to sabotage Umbrella's agents; as the virus will spread anyway (slowly or quickly depending on players' actions) : call the RCPD to quarantine the buildings & for extraction (a timer will be set and you need to defend the exit that some Players will try to open. (3) Mercenaries - your objectives are to get a sample of the virus, steal Umbrella's document and use all the chaos made to exit (the underground should be the best bet) - working alone or in group, you are without any assistances from the outside.
Remember: whether you succeed or not at your quests, the Casino-Hotel will fall to the virus.
Gameplay: If people didn't formed a squad before the game, you start as a lone-wolf without any indication if your neighbor is a player, or not, and what could be its faction/intentions. Some areas are overcrowded (and with a type of outfit; wedding-hall = tuxedo), for you to hide, infect. In the first part of the game: all players want to get to restricted areas; and you decide your strategy : open-violence, taking a Casino's security outfit, stealing a key or simply following an other Player doing the dirty work for you. If you succeed to sneak behind someone, you could have a special 1vs1 melee interaction : during the animation, you will have to smash some buttons to execute the performance. But if you are on the defensive position, it isn't an insta-kill as you will have yourself an interaction to resist. Sadly for both of the player struggling : the animation could be stopped by a third-party, killing one or both. => this sneak-attack will then play a lot in the first stage of the game, but could also create epic moments. For the gun-gameplay: not much to say. All Casino's security is equiped with stun-gun, or 9mm pistol; some rare Hotel's clients could also have a weapon on them / or apartment; the security-floor is also well-equiped and a secret cache in the underground could provide Hunk's style of equipment.
Add to that: you should have the ability to barricade doors; sabotage elevators to stop the Players & Zombies, but it would only slow things down (for them to get in, or you to get out...).
End result: who win? First - the ones who survived ; then you get a result for each Faction's accomplishments: if you're route is linked to the ranked #1 one, you get a bonus in your Total Score.
My guess on the Time per Mission : between 20min to 40min?
Rewards: you should be able to buy with your scores, additionnal clothes, custom appearances for your weapons
tl;dr : a 3rd person-shooter, on a big Hotel-Casino map; playing like a spy-game at first, you end-up fighting for your survival while innocents are trapped and become part of a zombie-crowd. Help, make alliance, or use & betray other players to get a better score.
Hope you had a good read at my engrish and that you like my idea/concept.
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Why is there always so much suspense with events that affect stock prices?

For example, Chinese tech regulation. Why does everybody talk about regulation for a year or two and nothing ever happens? Why don't governments and companies just make moves instead of talking about it for years and never doing anything different. Politics is the same. Look at brexit, 4 years and still just talking and lying going on. The funny thing is that people that don't gamble on stocks don't realized that they are being used as pawns in the big world casino. Take what is happening now with the CV. It's all just moving money from government debt to vaccine makers while investors gamble on the market. Plus, look at Libor, it just keeps getting postponed. Everything just keeps getting pushed further into the future with no results. Any thoughts? Why does it take decades to solve problems that manifest for decades? Does anybody older than 50 know of any times where something was solved quickly? Or any market moving events lasted decades in the 70's/80's/90's? And now with tons of input and fake news online..... Is that making the decisions stay stagnant for longer, so the higher up powers can manipulate the outcome to their advantage more frequently with greater results over and over again (when compared to the 70-90's?)
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Need 3-4 people who are good at hacking in casino heist big con gruppe sechs. Cash. 15% cut. Trying to do elite challenge.

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Hi there,
Im selling very cheap BFC or Big Fish Casino chips,
I will use gold to send your account chips.
If you are interested mail:
[email protected]
Hope to hear from you all :)
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Who is the devil of Cuphead?

Cuphead is a wonderful game, and doubtless one you’ve heard about. It’s the kind of game that’s possible to theorize about- sure, you’ve perhaps seen one or two theories about it- but for the most part, it’s a game with a storyline, and not a storyline full of gaps and hints to a deep, hidden lore. It’s one with a clear, definite story. A simple one. And when you play it, you get the impression that the game is telling you the whole story.
A game with a simple plot calls for a simple theory. So, this first one will be short, simple, and overall, just a simple conclusion I came to while thinking about the game.
Once I was thinking about the character who is called the devil. He’s the antagonist of the story. The devil is the owner of a big, grand casino. The brothers Cuphead and Mugman wandered far from their home against the warnings of their caretaker, the Elder Kettle. They wound up at the devil’s casino, where they discovered gambling, and fell into a trap. Winning a few rolls at the die, they were blinded by the easy rewards of gambling and accepted the challenge when the devil offered to either give them all the riches in the casino, or take their souls. Cuphead rolled the dice and lost to the devil. The brothers begged for mercy, and the devil reconsidered. He told the brothers that he would spare them if they brought to him a long list of soul contracts.
From then on, the game starts. You must fight a handful of extremely difficult bosses, and upon beating each one Cuphead earns their soul contract. The Elder Kettle advises them, to once they earn every contract and return to the casino, turn the tables and fight the devil himself. The devil ends up becoming the final boss of the game, and upon defeating him the brothers release every soul and set free their home of Inkwell Isle once and for all.
The question I asked myself was, why is the Elder Kettle against the devil? Sure, he’s forcing the brothers to betray to him the souls of innocent individuals, but he and many other characters Cuphead meets on his journey act as if the devil is corrupt and causes trouble. Of course, the devil is an evil character, but what has he actually done in the past to earn such a reputation?
I came to conclusion after thinking it all over. The devil must be taxing all the residents of Inkwell Isle! The devil is taxing everyone unfairly, and they are forced to pay against their will. If they cannot, the devil takes their souls. That’s why he refers to the individuals he tasks the brothers to defeat as “debtors”.
But why does he have a casino? The devil's casino is a place the devil built for the residents of Inkwell Isle to come to gamble and try to win back the money the devil taxed them. But in reality, they never win. The casino is just a scam; the devil’s method of squeezing even more money out of everyone.
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I made a mistake in choosing my approach 4 diamond casino. Im level 79, good at following orders, and just wanna get silent and sneaky over with so I can do big con.

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Vier der besten Bonusse ohne Einzahlung für Slot-Spieler

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Wie bei den anderen Casinos, die wir bisher erwähnt haben, können Spieler mit der Aktion nur einen Gewinn von 100 Euro erzielen. Gewinne, die über diese Zahl hinausgehen, verfallen nach Abschluss des Einsatzes. Es ist erwähnenswert, dass bestimmte Slots nicht wirklich für die Verwendung geeignet sind, wenn eine solche maximale Auszahlungsbeschränkung durchgesetzt wird. Sie sollten beispielsweise nicht versuchen, den Einsatz auf einen progressiven Jackpot-Slot abzuschließen. Wenn Sie tatsächlich das große Geld gewinnen, haben Sie in den progressiven Pool eingezahlt, müssen aber alle bis auf einen winzigen Teil des Jackpots abgeben!
Big Dollar Casino
Das Big Dollar Casino bietet neuen Spielern auch einen wettbewerbsfähigen Willkommensbonus. Diejenigen, die sich für ein Konto registrieren, erhalten 100 Freispiele, die Genii in der Wolf Street verwenden kann. Das Spiel ist eigentlich ziemlich gut für die Verwendung mit Boni, da es ein Spiel mit mittlerer Volatilität mit einer durchschnittlichen RTP-Bewertung von 96,05% ist. Wie bei den anderen hier aufgeführten Aktionen müssen Sie einen Bonuscode verwenden, um die Aktion zu aktivieren.
Auf den ersten Blick scheinen 100 Freispiele ein viel besseres Angebot zu sein als die Werbeaktionen, die von Slots of Vegas oder Raging Bull Casino angeboten werden. Der Teufel steckt jedoch im Detail! Bei einer 60-fachen Einsatzanforderung ist es viel schwieriger, Gewinne zu erzielen.
Das Big Dollar Casino ist mit seiner Spielberechtigung etwas großzügiger. Wetten auf einen der angebotenen Slots und seine Keno-Spiele tragen zu 100% zum Einsatz bei. In der Zwischenzeit tragen Roulette und Drei-Karten-Poker jeweils 50% bei. Baccarat trägt 25% bei; Video Poker trägt 10% bei; und Blackjack und Craps tragen jeweils 5% bei.
Es gibt sicherlich mehr Optionen zur Auswahl, die die Gesamteinsatzanforderungen verringern. Wir empfehlen jedoch nicht, ein Spiel zu verwenden, das nicht zu 100% beiträgt. Der Versuch, den Einsatz bei einem 50% -Spiel abzuschließen, verdoppelt effektiv die 60-fache Anforderung, und ein 10% -Spiel bedeutet, dass der Einsatz 600-fach wird!
Wie bei unseren anderen Vorschlägen ermöglicht das Big Dollar Casino den Spielern, 100 $ ihres Gewinns zu behalten. Spieler verlieren alles, was über dieser Zahl liegt, an das Casino, wenn sie die Wettanforderungen erfüllen.
Probieren Sie sie alle aus!
Während jeder Spieler die oben genannten Aktionen nur einmal beanspruchen kann, hindert Sie absolut nichts daran, Ihr Glück in dem von uns erwähnten Casino zu versuchen. In der Tat ermutigen wir es!
Obwohl die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen bedeuten, dass es schwierig ist, Gewinne zu erzielen, ist dies sicherlich nicht unmöglich. Je mehr Werbeaktionen ohne Einzahlung Sie spielen, desto größer ist Ihre Chance, tatsächlich aus dem Einsatz eines Gewinners hervorzugehen. Viel Glück da draußen und viel Spaß beim Spinnen, Slotster!
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Casino Big Con b2b, Artwork, noose exit, hard. need someone with the same setup to to b2b with. 3 or 4 times each.

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With a seemingly endless stretch of radiant coastline, the North Coast of New South Wales is enchanting. Whatever interest or experience inspires your break, BIG4 Holiday Parks offers family-friendly cabin accommodation, caravan sites, and camping in North Coast New South Wales in Bombah Point, Bulahdelah, Coffs Harbour, Forster-Tuncurry, Hallidays Point, Harrington, Nambucca Heads, Port ... In King Billy Casino, we think Big. And what better way to prove it than our Big 4 Welcome Pack! See in detail below what you get for each one of your 4 first deposits. Think Big. Win Big! Deposit Bonus+Free Spins Bonus Code; 1st deposit: 100% up to €/$ 200 / 1 BTC + 200 Free Spins on Starburst or Fruit Zen : No code: 2nd deposit: 50% up to €/$ 200 / 1 BTC: WELCOME2: 3rd deposit: 25% up to ... März 2018 unglaubliche 4.369.065,41$ bei Mega Moolah im Captain Cooks Casino gewonnen. D.S. hat am 14. Januar 2018 3.696.845,71$ bei Mega Moolah Isis im Zodiac Casino gewonnen. Er ist damit der dritte Casino Rewards Millionär innerhalb von drei Monaten. M.G. hat am 18. Dezember 2017 5.024.452,35$ bei Mega Moolah gewonnen, nur wenige Stunden nachdem er sich im Grand Mondial Casino angemeldet ... Big Fish Casino accepts more than a dozen currencies for payments and offers set packages that cover different budgets. Mobile. 4.4 /5 Because players can enjoy all the games on various devices it ... Big5Casino offers the newest real money casino games including the best video pokers, online slots and scratch cards, in addition to jackpots. Free spins, no deposit valuables, generous welcome bonuses and other weekly gambling promotions. Play Live Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco or Live Casino Hold`em. Register now to receive 100% welcome bonus up to € 500 + 500 Free Spins! Big5Casino is ... New Jersey Horsemen Seek $3.4M from NCAA, Big Four Sports Leagues. Posted on: December 27, 2020, 11:07h. Last updated on: December 27, 2020, 01:37h. BIG4 Casino Resort We offer a choice of self contained cabin accommodation along with purpose built, spacious drive through, ensuite & powered sites averaging 10 metres in length! Casino Holiday Park is located in the Richmond Valley on the north coast of NSW, just a 4-minute drive from the Casino town center and the Richmond River. The property is uniquely set on the grounds of the former Casino Airport, with the original buildings and existing section of runway to explore. The holiday park offers a range of accommodations options including cottages which are styled to ...

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biggest wins in online casino \ big win slots by casino streamers watch casino record wins in online slots casino streamer massive wins (roshtein, classybeef... You can be lucky and win a lot of money in a Casino through gambling or you are so talented and know a few techniques to beat the casino and to manage to bea... biggest wins in online casino \ big win slots by casino streamers watch casino record wins in online slots casino streamer massive wins (roshtein, classybeef... biggest wins in online casino \ big win slots by casino streamers watch casino record wins in online slots casino streamer massive wins (roshtein, classybeef... biggest wins in online casino \ big win slots by casino streamers watch casino record wins in online slots casino streamer massive wins (roshtein, classybeef... BIG 4 Adventure Whitsunday Resort - The Whitsundays, Queensland Australia - Duration: 4:24. ... Casino Royale - Poker Scene 2 - Duration: 4:48. Periodik Recommended for you. 4:48 . CARAWIRRY ... biggest wins in online casino \ big win slots by casino streamers watch casino record wins in online slots casino streamer massive wins (roshtein, classybeef...