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red casino logo-ish thingie

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Jackpot(777) Casino Logo Design - SecondEight

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GTA Online Diamond Casino logo font

Does anyone know what font was used for the word "Diamond" in the Diamond Resort & Casino Logo, or if it was made custom? Any similar fonts would also be greatly appreciated! The logo:
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At this stage, with the cooperation of its product supplier, Alive will start designing the different casino tables. The tables will feature a variety of colored layouts, with customized and personalized designs that carry the Alive Casino logo ♣

At this stage, with the cooperation of its product supplier, Alive will start designing the different casino tables. The tables will feature a variety of colored layouts, with customized and personalized designs that carry the Alive Casino logo ♣ submitted by QSMarketingCorp to AliveCasino_AL [link] [comments]

At this stage, with the cooperation of its product supplier, Alive will start designing the different casino tables. The tables will feature a variety of colored layouts, with customized and personalized designs that carry the Alive Casino logo ♣

At this stage, with the cooperation of its product supplier, Alive will start designing the different casino tables. The tables will feature a variety of colored layouts, with customized and personalized designs that carry the Alive Casino logo ♣ submitted by bonyaserg to CryptocurrencyICO [link] [comments]

[All] No one could beat him at arm wrestling

In P6, a contract killer Ike "the Spike" Stadtler was playing dice in his motel room. This was the first time we saw him.
Ike had two dice. He threw them on the table and wrote the numbers in his notebook. Should we write the numbers down too?
First, he got 1 and 4. Then he threw 4 and 5, again writing the numbers down in his notebook.
As he was writing, there was a quick cut to an envelope slipping in under the door. As the scene cut back to Ike, things looked the same but something had changed: the Bulleit Bourbon was gone from his glass. Watching carefully if something else was wrong, the dice had moved and now showed 5 and 2.
So, in the season awash with numbers everywhere - many wishing they had no part to play in the proceedings - we got yet another number sequence: 144552. Coincidentally, also yet again, the sequence could work as a pointer to a moment in another episode. If so, Lynch had kept the actor throwing the dice until he got the first four numbers his painstakingly detailed editing plan required, possibly having several options what he needed to have.
Let's give P14 at 45:52 a look then and see what kind of sense that connection might make.
Right then, there was some Trucker sitting in Elk's Point #9 bar. He was still breathing but a moment later he was lying in his own blood on the floor after The Experiment lurking inside Sarah Palmer had bitten his neck off.
The scene was totally bonkers and very effective, but once again, ultimately it didn't seem to serve the purpose we expected it to have. The Experiment never showed up again, and even if Sarah Palmer was now established as a threat of credible kind, that wasn't used in any way either.
Sure is a mystery. What was going on? And why would Ike need to connect to the Trucker?
An episode earlier in P13, some Renzo, who was running a criminal lair The Farm, was hit hard in the face by Mr C. He had just lost a game of arm wrestling and with that his position as the boss. Mr C didn't seem to like him anyway. He fell dead on the floor, shown lying in his own blood.
This looked quite like what happened to the Trucker, another annoying bully who got finished with a single blow. This connection appeared to be quite revealing. Before the game started, Renzo's right-hand man Muddy promoted the invincibility of his boss.
Muddy: "This man is our boss ... 'cause no one can beat him at arm wrestling."
No one can beat him at arm-wrestling. Earlier, I proposed that Lynch had very experimentally overloaded the indefinite pronoun "no one" with an additional definite meaning of "The Experiment" (sic) so that every time it was used anywhere in the dialog, the sentence had a corresponding meta meaning. That way, we got bits and pieces about what was going on with this strange monster that directly popped up only a few random-looking times, seemingly without a character arch.
Thus then, what Muddy was also telling us would have been that The Experiment can beat Renzo in arm wrestling, paradoxically opposite to what his literal words meant. Since Renzo got beaten in that game a moment later, with Mr C showing supernatural strength, it was implied this Mr C was travelling with The Experiment and it were her powers that ultimately beat and killed Renzo.
Since both the Farm and the Black Lodge were referred to as "that place" and Ray was briefly shown dead on the Lodge floor after Mr C had shot him dead, we got strong hints who Renzo ultimately was in this apparent illusion. Mr C had a plan to avoid getting stuck in the Black Lodge again, and it seems we saw this plan in motion when he entered the Farm, that is, the Black Lodge: he was there to kill the one who ran the place.
Earlier, I proposed that Renzo and Richard were the same character. After Renzo was killed, this powerful character was able to quickly reincarnate but in another likeness and without his earlier position, possibly also having forgotten who he had been, stuck in a dream that he didn't know was just a dream.
Going back to the Trucker, who was also killed by The Experiment and connected to Ike, another point in all that probably was to connect Renzo and Ike and tell us they were the same character.
It seems that there is still more to squeeze out of Ike's dice. The dice that were inconsistent with the cut had numbers 5 and 2. These were the same numbers as in the dice in the Silver Mustang Casino logo. Earlier, I also proposed that Supervisor Burns was the same character as Richard, making him then the same character as Ike as well.
Furthermore, 5 and 2 are together 7, and we'll probably find this same character also in Lucky 7. Eventually all he wanted was to die or change.
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A few weird things ive noticed about gta online noone has mentioned before.

  1. Why does the diamond casino logo look similar to the reddit "all activities" logo?
  2. Why does the sound of your phone sound different? Like if you have a message the app selection sounds different.
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Where should I buy poker chips?

Wanting to get my dad a nice set of chips for Christmas. He has needed a new set for a while and I thought I would take this opportunity to get him some. I’m looking for something nicer that is about 9 - 11.5g, Clay composite, but without another casinos logo on it. If anybody has any suggestions or places they love to order from please let me know!
Ps. I am more leaning toward wholesale as to pre constructed sets as he already has cases to put the chips into, just wanting to replace the old cheap chips he currently has.
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Evolution Gaming $EVO.ST

Here is a little DD about Evolution Gaming Group AB ticker $EVO traiding in the NASDAQ Sweden.
They make games for the online casinos. They have mainly focused in the live casino games, but also acquired NetEnt which makes traditional slot games. They have the traditional casino games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps etc. but they have also innovated new games which are more like a TV's Game shows like Monopoly Live, Crazy Time, Deal or No deal. The advantage of those games is that there can be thousands of players in the same game at the same time.
Their earning logic is simple. They provide the games for the online casinos and take a 10-20% of the winnigs the casino makes with their games. They don't hold any risk of the losses and they don't need to pay the players winnings in any case. For the bigger players they also do individualized games, with the casinos logos on the tables etc.
They have been profitable right from the start and all the main key figures look stunning:
Customer base is huge. Some to mention $DKNG, $PENN and $DMYT. Almost every major player in the online casino world is their customer. They have been mainly in the Europe now, but have now made their way to North America and are going to Asia as well. They have now got intererest in the US markets from Bank of America and Morgan Stanley starting to covere them. Bank of America's target price is 980 SEK (now trading at 700 SEK).
They have had some competition in the field like Playtech, but they have crushed them and are the frontrunning company in this field. They have been very innovative and I have great trust that they will produce more games in the future that are even more popular.
There has been a talk that they are getting into the OMXS30 index in the next induction in 12th of December. OMXS30 is like the SP500 in Sweden. Also there has been rumors about NYSE listing, but that just the rumor in this point.
ps. this is my first DD
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(All) Much ado about a horse's shoe: following footprints from Vegas to Odessa

The logo of the horseshoe outside the Silver Mustang casino is very interesting because, in a show with a famously slapdash approach, it's addition to the scene is both intentional and unnecessary. That sign does not exist in reality, and it did not need to be there for the scene to be effective, but was pasted in in post-production anyways.
Coupling Lynch's artisanal proclivities and attention to small visual details with the fact that the show really had a very modest budget for its size and the sign becomes, dare I say it, a little mysterious. This kind of thing doesn't just get added for no reason because these things cost time and money. Why did Lynch want this particular image?
The Vegas horseshoe is 'turned up', which of course is exactly what we would expect of a casino logo, as the 'turned up' horseshoe is a classic symbol of good luck.
In season 3, the Vegas horseshoe is literally mirrored in Odessa by Carrie Paige's 'turned-down' horseshoe necklace (turned down being a symbol for bad luck). This necklace, when you consider the weight behind seeing Laura/Carrie's first truly new scene in 25 years, is obviously another very intentional choice by the show. Lynch & Frost must have cared quite a bit about what Carrie was going to look like in this scene, and they chose a classic symbol of bad luck.
Throughout season 3, there's a sense that Vegas is 'attuned' to goodness (and that Odessa is the opposite). Thinking of Cooper, to me the message in this light/dark contrast is clear; in Vegas, before Cooper goes off to try and save Laura, things had already turned out for the good. The world was very far from perfect, but the scales were tipped towards the light. Cooper miraculously escaping death, winning his family money, stabilizing the Jones household, building a relationship with Sonny-Jim despite everything, succeeding in work, saving his co-workers moral soul, defeating Bob etc. etc.).
Odessa is the opposite, where even your regular diner-folk carry guns and threaten waitresses, where Carrie has nooses in her garden (go check, they're there), where night never seems to end, where random car headlights in the night feel like insidious eyes, etc. etc.
"There are some things that will change". By sacrificing the 'Vegas' timeline for the Odessa timeline, without us ever really seeing or understanding why, Cooper fundamentally shifted the world towards evil. Again, this is not to say that Twin Peaks was all roses; look at Sarah Palmer, the drug issues in the town, the dead kid, the sick kid -- this is not a great place to be either. And yet, not great and Odessa are very far apart.
To me the difference between Twin Peaks and Odessa could not be greater. Twin Peaks feels like a good place being infected with evil; Odessa feels like the heart of darkness. Odessa is stifling, with the darkness all around -- we can see this in how Cooper seems deeply suspicious of basically everything after passing the '430' portal. Of course, this light/dark contrast is triply true of Vegas. Vegas is a classically evil, dire, garmonbozia-filled place, yet by season's end it is shifted towards a more happy go lucky, classic Twin Peaks vibes kind of place. Goodness is winning... until Cooper changes the past.
We aren't given all the pieces of this jigsaw, but we everything we need to see that changing the past was a serious, serious mistake. Cooper blew it; all he had to do was... nothing and it would have been a net win for the good guys. He should have listened to Rebecca; if you do go back to that place where it all began, there will be no stars.
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Videoslots Casino 11 free spins on registration! Exclusive Bonus!

Videoslots Casino 11 free spins on registration! Exclusive Bonus!

Videoslots Casino Free Bonus & Review
Are you a new player to Videoslots Casino? Register now and get 11 free spins bonus on Starburst video slot game! This promotion comes with no wagering conditions meaning that all your winnings can be instantly withdrawn. Good luck!
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Videoslots Casino Review


Have you heard about this intriguing new online casino called Videoslots Casino? With a total of 6 Casinomeister Awards, this gambling site piqued our interest, and we could not resist, but to tell you all about it. This 2011 creation from a group of Swedish enthusiasts is known as the Mecca of slots, and for a good reason. Players can dive right into the fun, fruity, and bonus-filled Extra Juicy slot. Or, join Genghis Khan’s mighty Mongol army in the Sword of Khans slot, which is filled with free spins and multipliers. And, don’t let the name fool you— VideoSlots Casino is about more than just slots.
You’ll also find a superb selection of Jackpots, table games, Scratchcards, Poker, and live dealer games from over 70 game developers. Did we also mention that VideoSlots also trump’s most casinos with their banging bonuses and promotions? Now that’s a real deal! VideoSlots Casino doesn’t only provide excellent gaming, it does so legally under the license of the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Danish and Swedish Gambling Authorities. So, if you were still hesitant to give them a shot, now you can be sure the casino is not up to any funny business.
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Visiting Videoslots Casino

We heard a thing or two about and decided to go and check what all the hype was about. Before we delve into all the goodies the online casino has to offer, let us plunge you into the world of colour and blurred lines between your mind and VideoSlots Casino. Grab some popcorn, and let’s jump right into our VideoSlots review. Your journey starts with a dark background that provides fisheye focus to the pops of colours and fun visuals that will grab your attention.
The gold 3D casino logo, complete with a slot handle, comfortably floats above a massive stack of tumbling gold coins. The VideoSlots login has a black gradient and is set up against the dark background, making it a bit hard to locate. Both the register and VideoSlots Casino login buttons are also cluttered by customer support buttons, which adds a bit of confusion to the top left corner of the site. However, the addition of a responsible gaming link right at the starting line earned the operator some positive VideoSlots reviews. A cascade of rose petals into a fiery red hidden background adds layers of mystery to this already dark and mysterious online gaming podium.
You’ll find some odd link combinations, such as the thin white Payments, Forgot Password, and Game Payouts links against an amber background. Right below, you get links for Home, Welcome Bonus, Weekend Booster, Jackpots, All Games, Clash of Spins, and The Wheel of Jackpots. If you’re not sure what to try first, then stop for a while and get sucked into the different colourful scenes from the most popular slots. In case you need a nudge in the right direction, colourful jewels from Starburst are hurtling down from a starry sky, with a generous welcome bonus.
Further down, we scrolled through a list of recent winners or buy into the Battle of Slots, all with colourful icons and bright white text. The rest of VideoSlots Casino is an onslaught of colourful slot icons against a pitch-black background, as far as the eye can see. On the left sidebar, you get game categories—Jackpots, Video Slots, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and a whole lot more. The latest news also keeps players abreast with daily promotions. A short VideoSlots Casino review rounds up the games lobby. And, of course, payment options, huge diamond-shaped, greyscale arrays of payment options and game developers, useful links, and licenses form the website footer.
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Videoslots Casino Bonuses

And, the moment every player can’t wait to hear about, bonus time! Okay, c’mon! If you’re thinking you don’t need bonuses, then you, my friend, have never been to VideoSlots Casino. Like all casinos worth checking out, VideoSlots has a couple of tricks up its sleeves. When you first step into the casino, you’re greeted with a VideoSlots welcome bonus of:
  • 100% up to £200
  • 11 free spins on Starburst
Your bonus is automatically available after you make an initial deposit of £10 or more, so no need to enter a bonus code. The bonus is paid out in 10% increments, and you’ll have 30 days to wager it 35x before you can make a real money withdrawal. The 11 VideoSlots free spins are wager-free, so everything you win goes you’re your real money balance. Sounds like a sweet deal, right? Players can only make bets of up to £20 using the bonus, and jackpot games don’t contribute towards the wagering requirements. But there’s more!
Once you’ve gone through the welcome offer, you’ll be amazed by the extra goodies that await you. With the Weekend Boosters promotion, players accumulate all the spins they’ve made on slots and get a guaranteed win of up to £300. The VideoSlots bonus is paid out every Friday. If you were wondering, there aren’t any VideoSlots no deposit offers. But wait! Players can join the Battle of Slots tournament for some exquisite prizes. Looks like the operator knows how to grab online casino players’ attention.
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Videoslots Casino Mobile

It’s always great when you can take your work and play wherever you go— whether it’s taking that conference call with a new client at the park, or playing the latest online casino games while you wait in line at the supermarket. When it comes to the latter, VideoSlots Casino has you more than covered. We’ve figured out what all the hype over the VideoSlots app is about, and we’re eager to share it with you. So, grab your drink and hang on to every word! The operator doesn’t have any native apps in the Apple or Google stores, but the VideoSlots mobile site does everything you’d need from an app. Once you load up the website, you can tell that you’ve got the Mecca of Slots right at your fingertips.
Videoslots Casino works with the best developers and the games are super fun and worth trying using mobile browsers like Safari, Yandex, or Brave. The operator offers the mobile site to players who use iOS, Blackberry, Microsoft, and Android devices. The graphics are pretty intense, with deeper blacks than what you get from the desktop site and the pops of colour that add loads of character to the website. Unlike what you’d have with native apps, any new games that are added to the desktop site will immediately show up on the mobile version. Apart from placing their bets on the move, players on VideoSlots can also use the mobile site to make payments and communicate with customer support agents.
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Videoslots Casino Games and Software

Okay! Now is the point where we give up the secret behind the magnetic allure of VideoSlots UK. Just come a little bit closer…Exactly! Now…The truth is… VideoSlots Casino… Whaaat?! Setting jokes aside for a while, the casino provides, hands down, some of the best slot games that you’ll find online. Enter an eccentric doctor’s lab and tinker with some shifting reels on the exciting The Wild Machine slot from Pragmatic Play. Big Time Gaming is also firing up the burner with its brand new heart-stopper slot, Lil Devil.
The quality of the game graphics and themes is simply off the charts, and you’ll fall in love with the iOS, Android and desktop gameplay. How wouldn’t you when over 70 game developers are throwing in their best fighters into the melee? You’ll find some VideoSlots slots gems from popular developers like Microgaming, Play’n GO, and Nyx Interactive, as well as some rising stars like Sigma Games, Genii, and BlaBlaBla Studios. You’d be hard-pressed to find another place where there are so many online casino slot machines for every player’s taste and skill like VideoSlots.
But Wait…There’s a whole lot more, so keep both eyes peeled! VideoSlots is home to the best promotions and online casino UK gaming experience, and definitely wouldn’t let us just spin the slots all day. While we can’t ignore the draw of the classic slot game, the operator balances it out with an excellent selection of Roulette, Video Poker, and Blackjack games that’ll leave even the most demanding of players chuffed!
The variety of Roulette games is a bit small, but you can still kick it with the low, standard, and high limit French, European, Multi Wheel, and Premier Roulette. Blackjack fans, on the other hand, have much more to look forward to. There are a wide range of Super Fun 21, Atlantic City Blackjack, and Classic Blackjack table limits to suit every player’s budget. The available Video Poker games include All-American Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, and more.
You’ll surely find your perfect variant of any of these table games. Live dealer casino games seal the deal at Videoslots Casinos – Now that’s something new! The influence of Evolution gaming created an authentic and immersive brick and mortar casino experience that you can get right on your sofa at home. The operator offers an impressive selection of Live Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette games, all with HD video and crystal-clear audio quality.
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Videoslots Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Bonuses can provide temporary excitement, but there’s nothing quite like the buzz that you get when you’re jamming your favourite game for real money. Players at VideoSlots Casino can get into a more immersive and engaging gaming session when they deposit using cards like Visa, Cash Card, and MasterCard. There are also some e-wallet alternative payment options like PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, Interac, and Trustly. The Paysafecard and Bank Transfer can also be some worthy options. You won’t have to worry one bit, as your finances are well protected by 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). The minimum amount that customers can deposit at VideoSlots is £5. All deposits are processed instantly, and your funds will be available for bets in your account in real-time.
When you’d like to get some winnings from your VideoSlots account, you can use the same payment options. Some exceptions include Paysafecard and MasterCard. The on-line casino will process one withdrawal per day without any fees. Any subsequent payouts will attract a £2.50 charge, and a 3.9% charge if you haven’t played any games with your deposit. The least amount that players can withdraw is £10, and you should receive your money within 3 business days. It’s probably an excellent idea to verify your VideoSlots account as soon as you set foot in the casino, rather than wait for when you want to make your first cashout. As part of their licence requirements, the operator will require you to submit copies of your ID and proof of residence.
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Videoslots Casino Responsible Gaming

For the most part, online casino gaming and sports gambling at the bookies is harmless fun. However, a small proportion of players end up needing more to feel the same thrill they felt when they played for the same time. Even more, end up trying to make money from online casino games, and end up going bankrupt. What these players have in common is the uncontrollable urge to play with more money and time than they can afford. This type of gambling is commonly known and problem gambling. VideoSlots Casino is fighting very hard to ensure that you and every one of their customers continue to play safely and enjoy their favourite games. We took a thorough look at how they do such a fantastic job, and here’s what we found out.
VideoSlots views online casino games as only a form of entertainment and encourages every player to do the same. They can adjust the amount of money that you can deposit, wager, or lose during a particular period. Customers can also take the option to self-exclude or take a short break from the casino. Playing at VideoSlots on desktop or mobile devices is restricted to persons who’re over the age of 18, or the legal age of majority in their jurisdiction if it’s higher. The operator, therefore, verifies the ages of every new player. VideoSlots also recognises that the internet is now readily available to children, and urges their customers to use filtering software to prevent minors from gambling.
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Despite only coming onto the scene in 2011, Videoslots Casino has become a force to reckon with and has won the hearts and souls of a lot of online casino gaming enthusiasts. The operator starts with a selection of generous bonuses and promotions to get you started. Dubbed the Mecca of slots, VideoSlots is brimming with titles from over 70 game developers. They aren’t bookmakers, but the casino does have some sports-themed games for players who like such spice in their games. Table and live dealer game fans will also find several Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Poker options to cater to their tastes. What we know for sure is, whatever your game preference, you’ll most definitely find something to suit your needs at this gaming podium. Needless to say, VideoSlots is the online casino that most players have been missing. The casino website comes in a dark and classy theme and layout that create a relaxed gambling environment for both new and experienced UK players. In the payments arena, VideoSlots offers a comprehensive selection of banking options. Speedy processing times and workable minimum transaction limits are the order of the day. The operator also provides a responsible gambling-friendly environment where customers can play with less risk of addiction.

Pros and Cons

That all for our VideoSlots review folks! The games and bonuses were indeed memorable, but we think a recap would be a great way to sign off.
  • The casino has lots of games to play and is excellent all-round.
  • Quick payouts starting from just £10
  • Players get an excellent welcome bonus and generous promotions.
  • The games have fair RTPs
  • The customer support system seems to confuse some customers
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High-resolution Collector's Card scans

I have a favor to ask,
I was wondering if anyone can point me to or scan the backs of the collector's deck's casino logos. I found some lower resolution scans, but I sadly gave away my collector's set a while ago.
Appreciate the help!
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I want a t-shirt with the Casino Heist logo, does anyone know if such GTA merch exists?

I'm talking about real life t-shirts of course 😛
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Halloween feels (part 3) yellow & white broker parka, pants and cap , leopard bigness logo white t-shirt all from Casino clothing shop, with facepaint while the season lasts.

Halloween feels (part 3) yellow & white broker parka, pants and cap , leopard bigness logo white t-shirt all from Casino clothing shop, with facepaint while the season lasts. submitted by Necessary-Style7541 to GTAoutfits [link] [comments]

Part 45.

Sorry guys. The Mandela Effect technically slowed down but I found Maybe It's Mandela'd on YouTube and they have reported tons of changes from November 2018 to May 2019 and even some from 2016 I haven't heard about yet.
7073.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember any of this stuff being different or not a thing?(Just gonna link their tons of interesting videos.)(El Pasco, Texas/El Paso, Texas)(MOAM/MAOAM candy)(Ring Pops/Ring Pop)(Is the knife that Chucky is holding on the Child's Play movie cover different?)(Girls and guys have different natural body odors.)(Anonymous masks now have red lips and red cheeks.)(Didn't Grumpy Cat die way before May 14, 2019 and wasn't she male?)(Watermellon/Watermelon)(Flying squid.)(All different colors of flamingos.)(Titantic/Titanic)(Lots of new Steven Seagal movies.)(The music video for Hotline Bling by Drake has changed in a lot of ways.)(More changes to the Anonymous mask.(Miki Lauda/Niki Lauda)(Other spellings?)(Certain living and dead members of Iron Butterfly dying more than once or still being alive.)(Tempermental/Temperamental)(Other spellings?)(Galapagos giant tortoises born for first time since 1800's.)(All the new videos and angles of the JFK assassination.)(Embryonic Fluid/Amniotic Fluid)(Buzzing boy heard in his ear was a tick.)(The lyrics to Rock Me by Steppenwolf have changed.)(Rebecca Grayheart/Rebecca Gayheart)(Juwanna Nan/Juwanna Mann)(Black rainbow roses now exist.)(You can no longer sink in quicksand.)(Days Go By is no longer a 90's hit and Dirty Vegas is now popular for it and not The Rembrandts who used to be The Rembrants.)(Bumblebees can't sting.)(Mean Girls movies both have connected letters.)(Red eyed cats.)(Blue eyed box turtles.)(Half albino peacocks.)(A group of cats are called a Clowder or Glaring.)(Quantus Airlines/Qantas Airlines)(There were female pilots in some of the really old wars.)(Masters Of Reality/Master Of Reality)(Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget shows his face now.)(Zupas has connected letters.)(Black sunflowers now exist.)(Black and purple bell peppers now exist and the different colors for bell peppers now might apparently be them in different stages instead of being separate types.)(The first E in Deep Purple is now reversed.)(More animals eating weird new stuff.)(Bed Bath & Beyond D is stretched out.)(Are the colors used for some of the signs off?)(Was the name different?)(The first recorded sound was April 9, 1860 now.)(Cursive Q looks like a 2.)(More weird looking mantises.)(Megaduck/Negaduck)(Air plants now exist.)(Star shaped cities now exist.)(Area 54/Area 51)(Was it something else?)(Two names for "They Live"?)(Red LobsteRed Lobster: Fresh Fish Live Lobster)(California breaking up into multiple separate states.)(Royalty way back like Queen Victoria wearing things like sunglasses.)(Tornado ripped off roof of church as children sang Jesus Loves Me story came out last year?)(Taiwanese Leopard spotted for first time since 1983 extinction.)(Christie Alley/Kirstie Alley)(Chucky's jumper and shirt have changed in Child's Play.)("If the glove don't fit, you must acquit."(Aquit?)/"If it doesn't fit, you must acquit.")(Did he not have a hat and was he referring to a glove?)(Johnny Cochrane/Johnnie Cochran)(Anything else off?)(More lyrics in Wanted Dead Or Alive by Bon Jovi have changed.)(Was Swum not a word for you?)(Weasel riding on the back of a bird.)(Pigeon dancing to street music.)(Anything famous the Theremin is used in seem off to you?)(Was it the Theramin?)(MannoManor)(Swamp Thing was now released exactly 5 years earlier in 1982 instead of 1987.)(Tony Scott killed himself exactly 5 years earlier in 2012 instead of 2017.)(Tom Skeritt/Tom Skerritt and did he die?)(Did the little girl die before or after 3rd movie?)(Anything else off?)("Got out of bed."/"Fell out of bed.")(Vinegarette/Vinaigrette)(Other spellings?)(When The Heart Calls/When Calls The Heart)(Caress/Carress/Caress)(Rare black deer spotted.)(Dogs dying from saltwater poisoning.)(Outtro/Outro)(Anything else off?)(Feather stars can swim.)(Brittle stars can swim.)(Sea anemones can swim.)(Was it The Family Circle or Family Circle?)(Did Richard Leroy McKinley and him dying and the two other guys who died with him not exist?)(1670 painting showing cell phone and many other paintings and old movies, films and the 1995 boxing match and all the other photos and paintings of time travellers.)(The Wizard Of Oz theme park closed decades ago but has been open since the 90's.)(Brian Mullins/Brian Mullin)(Lots of new flag designs.)(Zapruder film with sound?)(Other spellings of Deion Sanders?)(Akira Toriyama is now alive.)(Lots of new deep holes.)(Red hourglass change on black widow.)(Paul Mason/Paul Masson)(Women having a freckle in the same spot.)(British Indian Ocean Territory?)(Gem found in Israel worth more than diamonds.)(Animals in places where they never used to live.)(Capricorn is an actual goat species.)(The Mysterious Case Of Benjamin Button/The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button)(Have you heard of The Great Dying?)(The first inhabitants of Asia were black.)(Phenomenon vs. Phenomena?)(Salem's Lot logo has merged.)(Jennifer GardneJennifer Garner)(Lots of new Star Trek changes.)(Circle K letter K is now dipping into the outer part of the logo.)(Lavar Burton/LaVar Burton)(Grand Canyon city?)(Dobsonflies now exist.)(Green Humphead Parrot Fish now exist.)(Lizard giving birth without mate.)(Shaggy sometimes has a visible Adam's Apple.)(Lollipop color has changed in The Wizard Of Oz.)(Pokémon Go now has rainbows.)(Velella Vella now exists.)(Heward Packard/Hewlett-Packard)(Other spellings?)(Anything else off?)(Cat born with 4 ears.)(More living rocks.)(Blue rolly pollies now exist.)(All Of My Love/All My Love)(Jimmy Paige/Jimmy Page)("Horny backed toad."/"Horny back toad.")(Anything else off?)(Game Boy Advanced/Game Boy Advance)(Anything else off?)(Vegas Vic is now more ecil looking, is now hitchhiking and not waving, and is now pointing down.)(Crystal Light logo has changed.)(Orcas now eat birds and they even bait them.)(Alligator scopes out somebody's houses.)(Ghetto Superstar lyrics have changed.)(Wendy Peppercorn/Wendy Peffercorn)(Frank N. Furter's outfit has changed.)(Pelican spiders now exist.)(Surface tension on water creates shadows.)(Did the Stonewall Riots not happen and lots of gay acceptance from the 1960's to the 1980's didn't happen.)(The Ghetto Boys/Geto Boys)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Juicy Fruit multiple slogans.)("The taste is gonna move you."?)(Superman peanut butter?)(Lord Of War has connected letters.)(Lava Soap has connected letters.)(Papersource has connected letters.)(9 Lives has connected letters.)(Freshen-Up has a striped version.)(Certs R has changed.)(Clorets has connected letters.)(A River Runs Through It has connected letters.)(Eagle Transport Corp. has connected letters.)(Toni Perm has connected letters.)(Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil has connected and off letters.)(Tang has changed.)(Double Jeopardy has connected letters.)(Sea Breeze has connected letters.)(Cutex has connected letters.)(ABC after school 80's special has weird logo.)(The Sands/Sands casino)(The Dunes/Dunes casino)(Charleston Heston/Charlton Heston)(The Bee's Knees/Bee's Knees saying originated as just Bee's Knees.)(Back To The Future fading photo has changed.)(Sea monkeys have changed in a lot of different ways.)(Mr. Potato Head was originally other vegetables before being a potato.)(Multiple different versions of Tank Man holding stuff or not and what the tanks look like.)(More logo changes.)(Didn't Bushwick Bill already die?)(TVs in cars in the early to mid 1900's.)(Pocket TVs back then too.)(Quantum Dot TV too.)(Napili-Honokawai/Napili-Honokowai)(GangStaGang Starr)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Was KISS not a contemporary band?)(Did Bob Dylan never wear white makeup?)(SofteneSoftner)(The Stray Cats/Stray Cats)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Were Stones never used as a measurement for weight?)(Birds that can sew?)(7Up Gold was now a thing.)("You won't like me when I'm angry."/"You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.")(Bone that disappeared is now returning.)(Lisa Edmonds/Lisa Edmond/Lisa Emond)(The Weed Man/Weed Man)(Record breaking longhorn sheep in Alabama.)(Valais blacknose sheep now exist.)(Crocodile uses pool noodle.)(Valentina Tereshkova is now the first woman in space and she went up in the 1960's.)(Dogs and cats and many other animals have multiple sets of eyelids.)(Storm down bursts now exist.)(Gloria Vanderbuilt/Gloria Vanderbilt)(Crazy Frog's penis is now visible.)(Our skulls are changing due to mobile phones and other things.)(Spider-Man no longer clinging to the wall in the famous Nintendo 64 game.)(Emperor Tamarins now exist.) ("Had to know it was in your palms."/"Had to know it was in your card.")(Anything else off?)(Energizer bunny has sandals now.)(Hart To Hart has connected letters.)(Moonlighting has connected letters.)(The Love Boat has connected letters.)(Fame has connected letters.)(Rogaine has broken letters.)(A Family AffaiFamily Affair)(Heathers has a broken R.)(Soul Train has weird letters.)(The Outsiders has weird letters.)(Electric Youth has weird letters.)(Red Perfume has weird letters.)(Emeraude has weird letters.)(Flex brand has weird letters.)(Clean & Clear has weird letters.)(The Last Starfighter has weird letters.)(Dogs can actually drive cars.)(Abraham Lincoln might have had Marfan syndrome.)(Chenille plants now exist.)(Rafflesia parasite found in Southeast Asia.)(Smart cakes that make their own layers while baking now exist.)(Woody's gun holster has a ribbon on it.)(Whiskey A Go Go/Whisky A Go Go and it was called Whiskee A Go Go in the 1960's.)(Has Bugs Bunny's tail gotten bigger?)(Stepping Stone/Steppin' Stone)(Were there no red bats on the wheels of the Batmobile?)(South Park: Bigger, Badder & Uncut/South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut)(A hat in As Good As It Gets has changed from blue to black with USA written on it.)(Theory Of Relativity/Theory Of Special Relativity)(Seeing the end of a rainbow is possible now.)(Cal Ripkin Jr./Cal Ripken Jr.)(Johnny Ive Of Apple/Jonny Ive Of Apple/Jon Ive Of Apple/Jony Ive Of Apple)(Ricky SchroedeRicky Schroder)(Chicken Of The Sea logo and letters and Starkist logo are now off.)(The Firm letters are connected.)(Cabrini College letters are connected.)(Liberty University and Jeff Foxworthy graphics on screen are merged.)(Malibu Musk letters are connected.)(Aqua Net new logo is off.)(Lynx car logo is off.)(Rave Hair Spray(Was it always Hairspray?)logo is off.)(Coast Soap logo is off.)(Kodak Color Watch logo is off.)(Great Westerners Savings Bank, Chevrolet and Pacific Bank commercials are merging.)(Aveda logo is off.)(Grizzly Adams is merged.)(Mork & Mindy is merged and Na-Nu is Na-No.)(LA Looks is merged.)(4C Iced Tea is merged.)(Cannonball Run/The Cannonball Run)(A Shark's Tale/Shark Tale)(Royal Dansk(Danish?)cookies logo is off.)(Baby jumping festival since 1600's.)("Standing there by the record machine."/"Dancing there by the record machine.")(Is the video off?)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Nestlé Krunch/Nestlé Crunch)(Was it the Lollipop Kids and not Lollipop Guild?)(Adam Bockovich/Adam Bockwich)(Adam GardneAdam Gardiner)(Vengence/Vengeance)(Other spellings?)(South Jersey isn't just a saying.)(Disposable clothing in the 1960's.)(Sausage trees?)(Pepto-Bismo/Pepto-Bismol)(Sharks that squirt glowing clouds.)(Argentina has their own space program.)(America's Tires/America's Tire)(Animals with Down Syndrome now exist.)(Amish people almost all wear straw hats now and not fedora hats.)(The Flintstones now all have only 4 fingers.)(Deer almost all have really long tails now.)(Arcacia Drive/Acacia Drive)(Song title too.)(More WW1 stuff.)("Planet earth moves slowly."/"Planet earth turns slowly.")("You'd think I'm rude."/"You'd think me rude.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(3 Non Blondes/4 Non Blondes)(Did one of the members not exist?)(What's Going On?/What's Up?)(Lyrics are still the same.)(Do any of their logos look off?)(Beast Number wasn't always 666.)
7074.(Movie Quote change.)"Put him in a body bag Johnny."/"Get him a body bag. Yeah."
7075.(Famous Singer name change.)Mary J. Blidge/Mary J. Blige(Other spellings?)
7076.(Song name change.)Getting TighteGettin' Tighter
7077.(Company name change.)Dress Barn/Dressbarn(Were the letters in Teddy Ruxpin not connected?)
7078.(Company name change.)Cooper Tires/Coopertires(Cooper Tire or Coopertire?)(Certains companies with the name Perkins looking like Jerkins.)(Perkins Cole/Perkins Coie)
7079.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in DIC not being connected?
7080.(T.V. Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in United Artists not being connected?(Do the letters in the My Little Pony logos look off?)
7081.(Famous Singer name change.)Chrissie Hines/Chrissie Hynde(Other spellings?)
7082.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the TSR logos being normal?
7083.(Tour Company Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Starr Tours(Star Tours?)being normal?
7084.(Fictional Area appearance change.)Do you remember the bathroom in The Shining being red or golden yellow instead of green?
7085.(Phantom fictional character.)Do you remember Moss-Man not existing?("My angel in a centerfold."/"My angel is the centerfold.")(Do any of their logos look off?)(John Lennon in Imagine keeps changing.)(Does Felix The Cat seem off?)
7086.(Famous Actor name change.)Stanley Livingstone/Stanley Livingston(Was Livingston always spelled Livingstone?)
7087.(Movie Logo change.)"Run like the wind Bullseye!"/"Ride like the wind Bullseye!"
7088.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember The Who singing American Woman instead of The Guess Who?(Did The Guess Who not exist?)
7089.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Liquid water on Mars, Huitlacoche, tusker elephants, mirror hand syndrome, clams can swim, 3 secret additional icky verses to the Star Spangled Banner, sock worms, harp sponge, the falling man is the brother of the extra GI ME guy in the Village People, more on camel teeth, feral parrots are taking over America, shadows are fuzzy now, East Africa is splitting in two, orange crocodiles, Devil's corkscrews, insect with interlocking gears in legs, are we in Kali Yuga, famous 40 year old image of frost on Mars, people with open damaged holes in their head do not get them closed again, changes to war horses, more anatomy changes.)(Video below.)
7090.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bull Jumping not being a thing?
Add-On: Do you remember Arnold Schwarzenegger being Russian, German or both and not Austrian?
7091.(Album name change.)Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is President(Eric B. For President/Eric B. Is The President)(Do any of their logos look off?)
7092.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Gerard Butler being the main character in Wanted instead of James McAvoy?
7093.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Benjamin Franklin being first to find electricity?
7094.(Famous Actress name change.)Jenny Garth/Jennie Garth
7095.(Famous Singer name change.)Jan Ackerman/Jan Akkerman(Do any of their logos look off?)
7096.(Paint name change.)ZinseZinsser
7097.(Music Lyrics change.)"I need a gun to keep myself from harm."/"I need a gun to keep myself among."(Does the instrunental sound off?)
7098.(Fruit name change.)Mullberry/Mulberry
7099.(Food name change.)Tofurkey/Tofurky(The latter is more acceptable.)
7100.(Song name change.)Me And You And A Dog Named Blue/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo(Do any of their logos look off?)
7101.(Snack name change.)Whatsits/Wotsits(Does the logo look off?)
7102.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Theremin not being a thing?
7103.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the NASA Robonauts not going back as far as 2002?(Did they not exist at all?)
7104.(Spelling change.)Pigmy/Pygmy(Was the former the only acceptable spelling?)(Anything else off?)
7105.(Famous Singer name change.)Alex Boyd/Alex Boye/Alex Boyé(Other spellings?)(Not the artist known as Alex Boyd.)
7106.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Popeye and Olive Oyl not being real people?
7107.(Famous Actor name change.)Powers Booth/Powers Boothe(Other spellings?)
7108.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Freemartins, human body doesn't reject stem cells with foreign DNA, world population counter, 7 Of 9 of Star Trek's eye piece continues to change, Hitler was vegetarian, Hitler didn't like Jews due to Kosher slaughtering because Hitler was an animal lover supposedly, Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy intro has changed, bird attack causes traumatic brain injury and trauma to the spine, Stellar Sea Eagle/Steller's Sea Eagle, more Popeye characters I haven't personally seen already mentioned based on real people.)(Video below.)
7109.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Schwerer Gustav not being a thing?
7110.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the number next to the M on the back of a product meaning something else?
7111.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Switzerland not being considered a third-world country?
7112.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember London Bridge actually being in London and not Arizona?
7113.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember tomato sauce being invented in Italy and not Mexico?
7114.(Famous Football Player name change.)Deon Sanders/Deion Sanders
7115.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember uppercase I and lowercase L not looking so similar?(Didn't I have horizontal lines on it everywhere it was written?)
7116.(Famous Actor name change.)Kevin CosneKevin Costner(Is the pronunciation off?)
7117.(Famous Basketball Player name change.)Magic Mike Johnson/Magic Johnson(Anything else off?)
7118.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Rain caused by fires, hairy frog fish, seagull eats another bird, Dick's Sporting Goods logo, Sigmund Freud's history is very different now as a Jew who chain smoked and had hundreds of surgeries on his face, EF3 tornado, CSF rhinorrhea,(Brain fluid leaking out like snot.)more weird sea animals, more geography changes, more weird clouds and cloud related changes, Tasmanian devil appearance changes, lots of Tasmanian tiger related changes, crow vs. magpie and birds are way more aggressive, toilet plant and more new weird plants and fungi.)(Video below.)
7119.(T.V. Show Quote change.)"Submitted for your approval."/"Submitted for the approval.")(Did Rod Serling say it more in The Twilight Zone as well?)
7120.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Ladybug swarms and they're on radar, Brazilian skipper caterpillar, USA now always had a migrant worker program, moving entire apartment complex on rails, more weird weather, earwigs can draw blood now, giant forest hog, boys that do not grow private parts until age 12, snub nose dolphins, warthog face lumps, can't see blue unless there is a word for it first, rainbow chemtrails, aerodynamic contrails, pet skunks and more weird stuff.)(Video below.)
7121.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember beluga whales not having knees?
7122.(Spelling change.)Pompei/Pompeii(Was the latter never acceptable?)
7123.(Coffee name change.)Chock Full Of Nuts/Chock Full O' Nuts(Is the logo off?)'Nuts
7124.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Ornithopter not existing?(1890's spy cameras?)
7125.(Fictional Character name change.)Jamie Summers/Jaime Sommers(Lindsey WagneLindsay Wagner)
7126.(Casino Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Primm not being connected?
7127.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Amadeus not being connected?
7128.(Movie Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Black Sheep not being cut or connected?
7129.(Car Model Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Chrysler 200 not being connected?(Air Jordan logo has broken letters.)(Apple & Eve logo has broken and weird letters.)
7130.(Product Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in Eckrich not being connected?
7131.(Painting change.)Do you remember the cherubs in the Sistine Madonna having different colored wings than they do now?(More changes to Chock Full O' Nuts logo.)
7132.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Jesus not having a forked beard?
7133.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember being able to stack Draw cards and also being able to draw cards until you can play one in Uno instead of those being illegal plays?
7134.(Music Lyrics change.)"I had to say I love you in a song."/"I'll have to say I love you in a song."(Song title too.)(Do any of his logos look off?)
7135.(New fruits.)Do you remember only green kiwis existing?(Was it never known as a kiwifruit?)
7136.(City name change.)Chernobyl, Ukraine/Chornobyl, Ukraine(Was the latter not acceptable?)
7137.(Movie Quote change.)"An angel gets its wings."/"An angel gets his wing."
7138.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the letter U never ever being depicted as looking similar to a V?
7139.(Famous Actor name change.)Will Farell/Will Ferrell(Other spellings?)(Was his outfit in Elf all green or were the tights beige or orangish?)
7140.(Township name change.)Belle Meade, New Jersey/Belle Mead, New Jersey,_New_Jersey
7141.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Leonardo da Vinci not being the first person to describe contact lenses?(Anything else he supposedly was the first to describe seem off?)
7142.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Juneteenth not being a thing?
7143.(Famous Singer name change.)Glen Fry/Glenn Frey(Do any of their logos look off?)
7144.(Famous Singer name change.)Jackson Brown/Jackson Browne(off?)
7145.(Movie name change.)Trains, Planes And Automobiles/Planes, Trains And Automobiles,_Trains_and_Automobiles
7146.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Cranial fissures on orbital bone, Sun double halo, mastoiditus, cholesteatoma, MH370 flight path and history, Fort Alcatraz, Eastwing rockhammer, slow crawling lightning, gnat larvae moving blob, more new moon types, cat fox, Bristol or Windsor hum, more new quakes, living fish found in boy's lung, teratoma tumor, inflatable moth man parts, black cloth is more cooling than white cloth, Sunda stink badgers, Our Lady Of The Rockies, Possum-eating spider, more Lincoln Memorial changes, Viagra makes flowers stand up straight.)(Video below.)
7147.(Hip Hop Group name change.)Die Antwood/ Die Antwoord(Do any of their logos look off?)
7148.(Famous Composer name change.)Johanne Sebastian Bach/Johann Sebastian Bach
7149.(Famous Drummer name change.)Barrymore Barlow/Barriemore Barlow(Do any of their logos look off?)
Add-On: Do you remember Uncle Sam's jacket being completely light blue?(Does his pointing finger look off?)
7150.(Song name change.)Love Rain On Me/Love, Reign o'er Me(Are the lyrics off?)(Is the way he sings it off?),_Reign_o%27er_Me
7151.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Younger humans growing horns, human height varies by 1 to 2 inches a day, spiders that eat mice, you continue growing well into your mid 20's, Wagu beef is not Wagyu and is more marbled, a single hornet kills a mouse, horses routinely bleed through their nose and lungs and nose during heavy exercise and it's not super dangerous for them, Britain's opium wars against China, Sahara sand is more orange, dead fish still tries to "bite", the Jordan Lead Codices, electric cars 100 years ago had 200 mile range now, zombie snakes play dead, restaurants in Japan serve still living food and food that's just still moving including frogs and octopus, Space Shuttle changes, more weird new plants, more geography changes, UV light may be able to kill flu viruses, Equal Pay Act Of 1983, moon looked like the Sun, Camera Obscura goes much farther back now in time.)(Video below.)
7152.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Woody not having cacti on his boots and no string attached to his hat?
7153.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Red Fraggle having red hair instead of orange hair?
7154.(Restaurant Product name change.)Hunger BusteHungr-Buster
7155.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Mandela effect conference, PayPal log tilting, crow standing on wings, wasp super nests, humans running like horses, funny bone no longer easy to bang, monkey cheek pouches, flies have 5 eyes, temple elephant head hair, venom spraying scorpions, syrup from walnut and other trees besides maple, fat tailed goats, Gympie Gympie trees, Dalai Llama saying non-Buddhist jerky kind of things now, mini tornados, Scandinavia was never a country, Caduceus has 2 snakes instead of 1 and other things.)(Video below.)
7156.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Honeybees can sometimes sting more than once, cannonball star eating fort, water anole uses bubble on head to breath underwater, magnetic portals connect sun and earth, Canadians also did Japanese internment camps, semi slugs and their love darts, thread snakes, kneeling moals, more anatomy changes and more stuff.)(Video below.)
7157.(Village name change.)Teahopoo/Teahupo'o(Other spellings?)'o
7158.(Website Logo change.)Do you remember the letters in being normal?
7159.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the Dongle not being a thing?
7160.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Smokey Bear having overalls or suspenders instead of no shirt?(Does he look bigger?)(Does his fur look off?)(Is his face off?)
7161.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the gloves not fitting on O.J. Simpson's hands?(Did he not have glove liners?)(Was there only one glove?)(Are the gloves different?)(Was O.J. Simpson the one driving the car?)(Was he the only one in the car?)(Did he drive his own car?)(Did he not have a gun?)(Did he have something else?)
7162.(New fruits.)Have you heard of the pink lemon?
7163.(Spelling change.)WaffeWafer
7164.(Music Lyrics change.)"When I was just a young boy."/"When I was just a baby."
7165.(Famous Singer name change.)Billie Ellish/Billie Eilish(Is the pronunciation off?)(Other spellings?)
7166.(Famous Actress name change.)Mindy Cohen/Mindy Cohn
7167.(Date change.)Do you remember the first electric toaster not going as far back as 1893?
7168.(Spelling change.)Nickle/Nickel(Everything Nickel is used in.)
7169.(Fictional Character name change.)Eric Carmen/Eric Cartman(Other spellings?)
7170.(Famous Singer name change.)John Entwhistle/John Entwistle
7171.(Company Logo change.)Do you remember the Starbucks logo not having as many wavy lines?
7172.(Phantom person.)Do you remember Joe Bonamassa not existing?
7173.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the 3rd Degree Burn being the worst burn you can get instead it being 4th Degree?
7174.(Music Lyrics change.)"To think I might not see those eyes."/"To think I might not see those eye."(Any of their logos look off?)
7175.(Famous Paper name change.)Great Remonstrance/Grand Remonstrance
7176.(Fictional Character appearance change .)Do you remember Abby Mallard having braces?(Does her voice sound off?)(Did she have a lisp or speech impediment?)
7177.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember the lid of the water tank in the Elisa Lam story being closed instead of open?
7178.(Famous Singer name change.)Andy Worhol/Andy Warhal/Andy Warhol(Other spellings?)
7179.(Company name change.)Cambell/Campbell's(Was Campbell always spelled Cambell in everything it was used in?)
7180.(Book Title change.)Kujo/Cujo(Do any of Strphen King's book logos look off?)
7181.(Famous Composer name change.)Andrew Loyd WebeAndrew Lloyd Webber(Other spellings?)
7182.(Music Lyrics change.)"Love is a burning flame."/"Love is a burning thing."(Any other lyrics off?)
7183.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember Bison and Buffalo being interchangeable names instead of being 2 different animals?
7184.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(Siphonomores and pyrosomes, Portuguese Man Of War is not a jellyfish, sailfish change colors by mood, spleen can heal on its own, pygmy hippos, more Easter Island statue changes, long tailed weasels in San Diego, Moon Hill China, giant trevally fish snatches birds from air, red river hog, cave pearls and other things.)(Video below.)
7185.(Dictionary name change.)Meriam-WebsteMerriam-Webster(Other spellings?)
7186.(Instrument name change.)Accordian/Accordion
7187.(Celebrity death cause change.)Do you remember John Belushi dying of a drug overdose instead of being murdered?(Anything else off?)
7188.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember these things being different or not a thing?(More on Tikki Marsala, Finland sided with Nazi Germany, cherubism, more weird clouds, Venus was maybe once more like Earth, thousand year old moss and nematodes were recently thawed out of ice and are still alive, weird Abraham Lincoln statue, more Crazy Horse changes, lithophonic stones in Stonehenge, cichlids change colors with mood, dancing mini stingrays with bifurcated leg like man parts, antelope jackrabbits, huge Hindu temples in USA, and more.)(Video below.)
7189.(Famous Singer name change.)Roy Albrighton/Roye Albrighton(Do any of their logos look off?)
7190.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Dorothy's slippers not having bows?(Were her socks white and not blue?)
7191.(Movie name change.)The Devil's Advocate/Devil's Advocate
7192.(Music Lyrics change.)"And I said hey."/"And I say hey."("What a wonderful time of day."/"What a wonderful kind of day.")("Learn to walk and play."/"Learn to work and play.")(Anything else off?)
7193.(Can't think of a title.)Do you remember screaming frogs and toads not being a thing?(Anything else?)
7194.(Fictional Character appearance change.)Do you remember Bambi's spots and tail being different?
7195.(Famous General name change.)Poncho Villa/Pancho Villa
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All Done finally. This one means alot because I did everything from scratch from the logos to the belts to the aprons with no outside help. In the video SCW TV in the Casino and the PPV setup (All 6 have same setup) All logos in Comments, feel free to use and put your own spin on

All Done finally. This one means alot because I did everything from scratch from the logos to the belts to the aprons with no outside help. In the video SCW TV in the Casino and the PPV setup (All 6 have same setup) All logos in Comments, feel free to use and put your own spin on submitted by JamesRhustleComedy to WWEGames [link] [comments]

[MS] Who Am I?

The note read.
Stay away, more people will die. My beginning was my end. mAcrony 
Handwritten in cursive, left on my windshield, tucked into an envelope. 'Detective Frank Laius" written on the front. Laius?

I've stared at it for 5 hours. I hadn't entered it into evidence yet. It feels...personal.
I thumbed my files.

The murder of Ian Austin, bound in his room starved to death. Mark Young, razor slits all over his throat. Orville Uriss, beaten with a bat. Ron Smith, strangled with a tie.

Previous victims were all missing for 6 days, discovered on day 7. Owen Nicholson, missing for 6.

All young men, 21 years old. No other connections.
Body 1 was found on Saturday, March 2nd, a new body found every Saturday for the last 4 weeks. Today is Friday.

The note stares at me.
"Stay away..." I got close? mAcrony? A name? I tap the steering wheel; the note is written on a casino slip. For me, the Royal Casino may as well be called Gloria. The night we met there led to 6 drug-filled days.

I rub my eyes. I feel old. 16 years as Detective Frank Thebe must make up for 8 years of Frank the mess. Right?

"...more people will die." Stay away OR more people will die? Or IF I stay away, more people will die? Stay away from what?

Orville, a non-smoker, curiously had a carton of unopened Drake cigarettes on his bed. When I smoked, that was my brand. My mind slips to my bartending days, a professional partier without a care.

Coffee and clues, I need both. Fred's Café has assisted me before. The back-booth’s leather seats feel custom for deliberation or using coffee to drown inebriation, I've done both. The low lampshade swings over the table in response to any bustle in the cafe. The light dances small spotlights over the table.

I spread everything on the table. 'beginning is my end' haunts me. It means something and feels like I should know.

Ding. The door rings as a lady walks in shaking tears of rain off her umbrella. The shade sways across the photos. A smartly dressed man whisks to the washroom. The shade changes direction, swishing over the photos. The note blows off the table and lands with the casino logo staring up at me.

The colour reminds me of Gloria's hair. She chose with her heart; I was too young and high, I chose to stay away. Those days were not my best, foggy nights, heavy mornings, bags of regrets.

The light bobs over Ian Austin's photo. The Lucky Gin logo glows beside him, funny, that was my gin. The light swishes, a green bottle of Jimmy’s Irish Whiskey shimmers on Mark Young's desk. I used to drink that too. According to friends, these lads didn't drink.

Ron Smith, cocaine lines on his dresser, although, toxicology says he‘s clean. Owen Nicholson had unopened condoms thrown all over his floor?

What am I missing?
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I recreated the logos of some famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos! (The Welcome to Vegas sign was made by u/jaxoutsidethebox)

I recreated the logos of some famous Las Vegas hotels and casinos! (The Welcome to Vegas sign was made by u/jaxoutsidethebox) submitted by IHeartPenguins0 to AnimalCrossing [link] [comments]

I may be playing too much Assassin's Creed when I'm not grinding, but does anyone else thinks this casino artpiece low-key looks like the abstergo logo?

I may be playing too much Assassin's Creed when I'm not grinding, but does anyone else thinks this casino artpiece low-key looks like the abstergo logo? submitted by lovemuffin04 to gtaonline [link] [comments]

A logo for a fictional casino

A slot machine in the background, with a pirate next to it.
In a gold frame below, it has the words “We’ll pirate yer gold, matey.”
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Support for Casino operators?

Hello everybody,
I was wondering, when a Casino Operator "signs up" with funfair, what kind of support would said casino receive from the funfair team? Like, is there any kind of installation documentation that comes with the tech? Will Funfair offer live support? Will there be an online information/support center?
I was just thinking about it because Lisk, which I'm also in (full disclosure) just released their "Lisk Hub" and "Lisk Academy" really usefull sites, and very good information!
Also, It's been said that it will be possible to adapt the games that Funfair offers with custom "skins" as in, with the casino logo on it or something. How will these adaptions need to happen? Will it be done in code by the casino, or by funfair? Or will there be a GUI provided to adapt the games to your liking?
Thanks for the help and sorry if this has been answered already! This has been on my mind for some time though :).
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MPAR Season 2 | Countdown To The Crown [Day 2]

Oh, Bitch!

Hi Sluts - it’s Day 2 and I’m out partying because I turned 21 when y’all were fucking on Valentina’s Day. Enjoy this predetermined post by yours truly whilst we unveil the top 10 trends of our season!

Top 10 Trendsetting Styles

The girls this season came from all walks of life - whether it was DeviantART Fantasy Fashion, Distincitve facial features or a waist that could probably out-size a 10mm needle,
#10 Vicky Pickles | Niche Details (45.9%)
Vicky Pickles had a fairly dynamic style to her work, and with her dynamic style, she managed to hide a lot of brilliant and well-executed details once you found them. From her Cassie Roll Shoulder Spikes being cutlery, to her Executive Moon look, crossing out name after name on one of her screens looking through her half-moon glasses, Vicky can rightfully take place as resident Detail Queen.
#9 Velvet | Hair Sheen (48.6%)
Velvet had a fairly unique way of rendering her long waves, stemming from her originally running out of marker fluid and having to leave areas of her hair white, it became a staple in her looks, adding a fluid dynamic to every hair render of hers. A lot of traditional artists have their different ways of rendering, and how this graphic-style of hair render moves just like water had a lot of people talking this season!
#8 Ambrosia | Meticulous Rendering (50.1%)
regretflix - As a struggling wannabe traditional artist (who never actually draws anything but shhh that isn’t the point) I look at her rendering and just???!? how?? does she do the things?? with her hands? it’s beautiful and i stan. and maybe this isn’t the most eloguent commentary but i’m wine drunk and PASSIONATE abt her meticulousity. love her russy (rendering xussy)
#7 Gretel | Cinching (51.4%)
ShaankZ - Violet Chachki who? Her cinching has nothing on Gretel's. I chose this as one of my favorite trends this season because: it's SO TIGHT, if you're going to cinch then why not go for that teacup waist? It's my favorite part of Gretel but it's also reminding me that she is a Drag Queen. Malaria was the Drag Queen of season 1 and Gretel is the Drag Queen of season 2! I hope this trend carries on or inspires future MPAR artists to add a "drag element" into their art (if the person they present is a drag queen ofcourse).
#6 Epinette | Avant Garde Stylings (54.7%)
Epinette’s referencnes in her work pushed boundaries and proved her taste was as strong as her looks. From her stylings for Cocktail Week to her Menswear look, her concepts were high brow and people responded to them - be it positively or negatively. She always had her own spin on a challenge and made each one fit well with the brief, as well as tuning it to her own personal tastes, creating eyecatching stylings every time.
#5 Ira D’Essance | All That Glitters (55.6%)
Ira D’Essance’s run in this competition was not too shy from her usual conceptual ideas outside of the MPAR community, with her hand firmly on her brighter markers creating the amazing glittering renders that cropped up a few times. From her Cocktail look to her Monster Makeover, her visions in sequins, rhinestones and payette fantasies had a lot of our audience gagging, rounding out our top 5 in this list!
#4 Ira D’Essance | Bold Silhouettes (56.4%)
Srslywtfdood Ira definitely knows how to elevate her designs like nobody else in the competition does, and the crazy shapes of her garments definitely do play a part in that. I mean, she literally made a biker chick look like a butterfly and it was so believable and I was SO here for it!
#3 Ambrosia | Signature Nose (56.8%) Body parts are sometimes hard to keep consistent - and trust me on that. Whether it’s a fluctuation on a hip pad, an eye shape that just must be because of the makeup, or inturned heels, some people can’t catch a break. Someone who has been consistent with a small detail however is none other than Ambrosia - whose intriguing styling of enhancing the feature of her nose caught the audience saying, “take notes, that one from season 1!” The signature itself is just one of many ways Ambrosia’s eclectic and exciting style has really put our audience on their own inturned heels for the collective styling of Ambrosia.
#2 Veronica Fake | Traditional Patterns (56.8%)
Whether it’s gingham or zig-zag stripes, body paint or martini casino logos, Veronica Fake pissed all over the clone tool for digital artists, by rendering her own patterns traditionally in a manner that make them all cry out. From Cocktail Couture to Menswear Week, Veronica tied in her talent with her tight renders, creating exceptional and exciting looks that made the judges fall in love with her looks every week.
#1 - Gretel | Vintage Silhouettes (59.5%)
puddingpot - Gretel stuck with her aesthetic the whole competition and still was able to make every look fresh, new and beautiful. I really enjoyed her vintage glamour and her ability to reference a gay guys wet dream of Hollywood and pinup vixens and just pop culture in general is truly something to admire. Though it does come easy to her because she is so old... jk
That’s all for now, folks! We’ll be back tomorrow unveiling more dramatic shit (because let’s be real, you’re probably just waiting for another 120+ comment thread for drama) with the Gaggiest Moments of the Season! Bye! <3
~ Sulphur
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Casino Winner Logo Animation - YouTube Casino Gambling Logo Pack 3 In 1 After Effects Templates ... Palmas Casino Presenta Logo - YouTube Grosvenor Casino Sheffield, Zoom In To Logo, UK - YouTube Cash Casino Logo Intro - After Effects Template - YouTube Gambling Casino Logo Reveals - YouTube

Making your Casino logo is easy with BrandCrowd Logo Maker. Create a professional casino logo in minutes with our free casino logo maker. BrandCrowd logo maker is easy to use and allows you full customization to get the casino logo you want! Pick a casino logo. Pick one of the casino logos on this page or update your search. Customize your casino logo. Change colours, fonts, add a tagline ... Wandtattoo Casino Logo Karten Poker Würfel Glücksspiel Vinyl Fenster Aufkleber Play Club Interior Decor Art Wandbild Abnehmbar 42X60 cm 1.Qualitativ hochwertig. Aus umweltfreundlichem PVC. 2.Eigenschaften: wasserfest, rutschfest, verschleißfest, leicht zu reinigen, selbstklebend, dh reißfest, einfach zu bedienen. 3.Haftet auf allen glatten, staubfreien und sauberen OberflächenUniversal ... Find casino logo stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Casino logo auszahlen Grösster Bonus [2021] Extra für Spieler, die. eh wir ein Casino logo auszahlen finden , führen wir eine gründliche Untersuchung einiger Hauptpunkte durch, um sicherzustellen, dass der Lieferant auch wirklich Vertrauen verdienen ist. nur ein wichtiges Aspekt ist eine gültige Freigabecode aus einem EU-Land, dann wir schätzen ausschließlich legale Casinos. Casino logo - Der absolute Vergleichssieger unter allen Produkten. Alle in dieser Rangliste vorgestellten Casino logo sind rund um die Uhr bei Amazon erhältlich und in maximal 2 Tagen bei Ihnen zu Hause. Unser Team wünscht Ihnen viel Spaß mit Ihrem Casino logo! Hier sehen Sie unsere Testsieger von Casino logo, bei denen die Top-Position den Testsieger darstellen soll. Wenn Sie hier haben ... Laden Sie diese kostenlose Vektor zu Casino club logo und entdecken Sie mehr als 10M professionelle Grafikressourcen auf Freepik Erfahrungsberichte zu Casino logo analysiert. Um ohne Zweifel davon ausgehen zu können, dass ein Produkt wie Casino logo die gewünschten Resultate liefert, empfiehlt es sich einen Blick auf Erfahrungen aus sozialen Medien und Resümees von Anderen zu werfen.Es gibt bedauerlicherweise nur ziemlich wenige klinische Tests zu diesem Thema, da sie ausgesprochen kostspielig sind und im Regelfall ... Entspricht der Casino logo dem Level and Qualität, die Sie als Käufer für diesen Preis haben möchten? In welcher Häufigkeit wird der Casino logo aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nachangewendet? Wandtattoo Casino Logo Karten Poker Würfel Glücksspiel Vinyl Fenster Aufkleber Play Club Interior Decor Art Wandbild Abnehmbar 42X60 cm 1.Qualitativ hochwertig. Aus umweltfreundlichem PVC. 2 ... Design your own Casino logo for free. This is a preview image.To get your logo, click the Next button. Casino logo - Der Vergleichssieger unserer Produkttester. Damit Ihnen die Wahl des perfektes Produktes etwas leichter fällt, haben unsere Tester auch noch das Top-Produkt dieser Kategorie gewählt, das unter all den Casino logo beeindruckend hervorragt - vor allen Dingen im Blick auf Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Obwohl dieser Casino logo vielleicht etwas teurer ist, findet der Preis sich in ...

[index] [4507] [26462] [33158] [16234] [19565] [30729] [28921] [13377] [14846] [2048]

Casino Winner Logo Animation - YouTube

Download: Casino Logo Reveals is gambling theme Premiere template with hundreds of falling poker chips that stylishly b... Created by Get this here: with our Unlimited memberships. Or download... Zoom in to Grosvenor casino sign in Sheffield. Followed by close up on logo Available for download at Stock30: DOWNLOAD this After Effects Template: Author: mr_pi © Portfolio: Weekly Top Video Effects: About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...